Summit Digital Solutions is developing operationally directional software for the power industry. The Apex SaaS solution is a product designed and developed by industry professionals, for industry professionals to improve efficiency, flexibility and lower operating costs and emissions.


SDS is focused on helping our customers maximize their existing assets through operationally direct advisors and recommendations without requiring any expensive hardware upgrades. We leverage our extensive operations and management knowledge to evaluate the asset performance and identify opportunities to reduce operating costs and improve overall plant performance. We accomplish this by measuring KPIs such as Output, Heat Rate, Start Time, Start Fuel, Turndown, and Ramp Rate. By utilizing this approach we can identify areas of improvement and guide the customer to the proper actions to mitigate the issue.


The Apex management team have experience with all major OEMs operating and managing facilities from 220 MWs to 1100 MWs. Because Apex is OEM agnostic, the SDS management team is well suited to work with our customers on various technologies and equipment.


Summit Digital Solutions